Smart Balie

A Polish manufacturer of garden hottube that combines technology with tradition.

A Polish manufacturer of garden hottube that combines technology with tradition.

A Polish manufacturer of garden hottube that combines technology with tradition.

My task is to create a name, design the logo, write the texts, take photos and create graphics, design the website, handle social media, Google business card, and offline materials. I have to design everything from scratch.
My task is to create a name, design the logo, write the texts, take photos and create graphics, design the website, handle social media, Google business card, and offline materials. I have to design everything from scratch.
My task is to create a name, design the logo, write the texts, take photos and create graphics, design the website, handle social media, Google business card, and offline materials. I have to design everything from scratch.



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June 2022

Welcome to the world of Smart Balii - a Polish manufacturer of garden hottube that harmoniously blends modern technological thinking with the craftsmanship tradition of cooperages. 

This is one of my first projects that comprehensively touches on many aspects of design. This case has been a great lesson in humility, minimalism, and creative thinking focused on achieving business goals. 


But let's start from the beginning... In a small family-owned company in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, innovations meet inspirations from Scandinavian aesthetics. Creating a cohesive concept in the form of year-round, economical garden saunas powered by electricity or gas, operated through an intuitive mobile application. 

The cooperation with Sławek began at a crucial moment in the development of his company. Sławek is an automotive mechanic specializing in LPG installations. He started by building his own sauna, which became his home oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation after work in the workshop. Then he designed a garden hot tub heated by gas, which was a novelty on the market of wood-heated hot tubs. Seeing the potential of his idea, he decided to share it with others. New hot tubs were created for friends and then for friends of friends. 

Selling such a product locally from the trunk of a car was not sustainable in the long term, and it needed to be formalized and branded. Especially because the potential was immense, almost as immense as the challenges that Sławek faced.


✅ Gaining trust and positioning in a competitive market, 
✅ Creating a premium product and brand from scratch, 
✅ Developing a visual identity system, 
✅ Creating a catalog and website, 
✅ Establishing social media accounts, 
✅ Designing a marketing funnel,
✅ Creating a system to handle quote inquiries, 
✅ Implementing an effective customer service system.

And here I come - "One man army" - to take care of the brand from the beginning... well, actually, the brand didn't have a name yet. My task is to create a name, design the logo, write the texts, take photos and create graphics, design the website, handle social media, Google business card, and offline materials. I have to design everything from scratch.


The design process always starts long before the first pixel on the screen. It begins with ideation through numerous meetings and discussions. These conversations not only help me better understand Sławek and his expectations but also grasp the concept of modern hot tubs itself.

 As for the name, I searched for inspiration extensively, and my thoughts revolved around phrases like nature, modernity, minimalism, gas, hot tub, ecology, and wifi. Ultimately, we chose the name SMART BALIE.

We agreed that SMART BALIE is meant to promote smart slow life and the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

The brand inspires everyone to create their own SPA in the comfort of their backyard.

It also encourages reflection on finding joy in simple pleasures while being mindful of the environment. It advocates for a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. SMART BALIE emphasizes a return to roots and highlights the alignment between humans and nature.


There were several logo concepts... 

I wanted to capture all the above-mentioned considerations. Additionally, I designed the logo to be responsive, ensuring it looks great on various media. The logo can easily scale while maintaining readability, regardless of size. 

Visual harmony is a crucial aspect of this project. All elements have been carefully balanced to create a cohesive and visually appealing whole. The color scheme, font, and composition are thoughtfully selected to attract attention and be easily memorable. Uniqueness is also key to building brand recognition. I focused on creating a minimalist symbol that stands out prominently among competitors. 

The Smart Balie logo also has several layers of interpretation, making it even more engaging. Basic symbols, such as the garden tub, water, and sun/wifi symbol, come together to create a meaningful whole, reflecting the concept of smart slow life. 

Garden Tub Symbol: This graphic element points to the main product of the brand - high-quality garden tubs. It represents the shape of the tub, which is recognizable and distinctive. 

Water Symbol: It refers to the nature of relaxation and pleasure that using garden tubs provides. It depicts waves that symbolize tranquility, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

Sun/Wifi Symbol: This graphic element reflects the modern and technological aspects of the brand. It symbolizes energy, innovation, and connectivity to the world through the mobile application that allows for the management of garden tubs.


Lagom är bäst, that's what the Swedes say, I didn't understand it for a long time, and I still don't know how to say it correctly. It's a Swedish proverb that can be translated as "Moderation is best." It refers to the idea of living in balance and finding joy in simple things. That's Scandinavia in a nutshell! 

That's the exact aesthetic I obsessively searched for! There were several designs, and each subsequent one involved reduction. At the very beginning, still excited about the dribble and Instagram-inspired concept Animate a 3D render on scroll website effect - what did I decide to do? Learn Blender and create a 3D model of the tubs, integrate it into the website, and present the technical aspects of the tubs while scrolling. 

In my mind, and even on paper, it looked incredibly good! Excited, I quickly grasped the basics of Blender from YouTube, created a 3D representation of the tubs, added animations, camera movements, textures, lighting, and rendered it all. There was one problem. Implementing it on the website. It simply didn't look right. In the end, this idea overwhelmed me and consumed a tremendous amount of time. Unfortunately, I no longer have screenshots of that prototype, but I still have a few renders left. 

As you can probably guess, I gave up on that idea and decided to take a deep breath, listen to the sound of the sea waves, and start from scratch. 


Closing my eyes, my thoughts transported me to the fjords of Scandinavia. I imagined a view of boundless, calm waters. Along the shore, there were small, wooden houses in pastel colors that harmoniously blended into the natural surroundings, thanks to the mist. The air was filled with a gentle scent of sea salt, and birds circled in the sky, complementing the symphony of nature... 

I was aware that such a scenery perfectly captures the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics. Minimalism and simplicity are key features that define this style. I noticed that each element in this vision fit together like puzzle pieces. When I thought about SMART BALIE products, I saw them harmoniously integrated into this design culture. The lines were clean, the forms were pure, the materials were natural, and the details were meticulously crafted. Opening my eyes, I felt that I could translate this vision into the digital realm. 

That was it! A clean composition, the use of large white areas, and clear typography create a coherent and transparent website layout. Enabling easy navigation and very intuitive use of the website. The monochromatic color palette was chosen in a way that harmonizes with the brand's aesthetics and evokes a sense of nature and tranquility. 

Now I know that applying minimalism in website design has many advantages - it not only helps to focus users' attention on the most important information but also improves overall functionality. 

Do you remember the boundless, murmuring water? In the realm of websites, our senses are greatly limited, as designers, we mainly convey information through sight. 

I decided to break away from this pattern and include a button on the website that activates relaxing sounds of bubbles from the garden hot tub. This small touch aims to engage another sense, stimulate imagination, and transport visitors into a pleasant atmosphere, allowing them a moment of relaxation while browsing the website. Sometimes, small details like this button can make interactions with the website more enjoyable and soothing for our senses.


When writing the texts for the website, I consciously moved away from the prevailing industry standards of jacuzzi manufacturers, who mainly focus on technical details, such as the number of jets or additional gadgets like radios or colorful neon lights. 

Instead, I chose to emphasize emotions and storytelling, using a vivid language of benefits. I focused on the users' experience, rather than solely on the technical aspects of the hot tubs. Of course, technical information was not entirely omitted but rather presented in clear blocks, ensuring that each element flowed naturally from the previously conveyed information. 

Our communication is direct and targeted at two main groups: individual customers and owners of recreational facilities, hotels, etc. 

We speak in a simple, clear manner, and even use emojis. We communicate with the users in a straightforward and honest way, while presenting our offerings in line with the values they represent. This way, we combine the language of benefits with the technical aspects of our projects.


The Smart Balie website is not just the brand's communication center but, above all, an invaluable assistant and an additional employee that speeds up the customer service process. And all thanks to a simple configurator. 

However, before implementing the configurator, the owner of Smart Balie, Sławek, encountered a certain problem. He received a huge number of inquiries regarding various variations of hot tubs, which consumed a significant amount of time to respond to. Additionally, questions from interested individuals repeated, despite the existing product catalog and paper price list. 

That's why introducing a straightforward configurator was so important. It allows customers to individually customize their hot tubs according to their preferences using a form. Thanks to an intuitive interface, clients can choose various options, such as the type of hot tub, power source, additional features, and many more. Each selection is summed up and as a result, the customer receives a personalized price quote for the chosen hot tub. 

This configurator not only serves as a convenient tool for customers but also proved to be invaluable assistance for Sławek. It allowed for faster and more efficient customer service, eliminating the need for personal consultations for each individual offer.


From the very beginning, together with Sławek, we were aware of the immense importance of visuals in all aspects of communication. We deliberately aimed to utilize personalized photographs that would distinguish Smart Balie from many standard images available on the market, often replicated by competitors. 

We organized three photoshoot sessions focused on the products. However, we decided to take a step further, or rather, a step back. Our goal was not only to showcase the finished hot tubs but also to present the production process and the people behind it. We wanted to build trust in the Smart Balie brand while portraying the company as a multi-generational family with extensive experience and the appropriate equipment. 

Additionally, we leveraged wonderful photos provided by customers, displaying the hot tubs in beautiful garden arrangements and picturesque mountain landscapes. 

Images became an incredibly crucial element of our communication, conveying emotions, authenticity, and professionalism. With our own photos, we could fully capture the unique vibe. We also aimed to evoke strong emotions in our audience and ignite their desire to relax in harmony with nature, as offered by Smart Balie.


After establishing a robust brand identity, website, and content plan, it was time to expand our reach and connect with a larger audience through a presence on social media platforms. Our primary focus was on leveraging the potential of Facebook and thematic groups. 

On Facebook, we actively built the presence of Smart Balie by regularly posting content related to tips on hot tubs, our brand values, competitive advantages, the production process, and inspiring customer photos. Through these efforts, we engaged our community, fostering interaction, and building strong bonds with our followers. 

Facebook Ads served as a crucial element in our expansion strategy. Our initial goal was to increase brand awareness. I created highly targeted ad campaigns aimed at reaching new, potentially interested groups of audience. 

Another important goal of our paid campaigns was to drive traffic to the website. By configuring ads to entice potential customers to visit the website, we took steps towards increasing the number of visitors and inquiries through the contact form, and we built a customer database for remarketing purposes. 

I consistently monitored and analyzed the campaign results, adjusting our strategy and optimizing advertising expenditure to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Additionally, we paid attention to thematic groups, especially those related to garden hot tubs, construction, and local communities. Actively participating in discussions, providing advice, and sharing experiences allowed us to build trust and exposure among target groups interested in our products. It was a bullseye! By inviting people from thematic groups to our funnel, we achieved excellent conversions!


With success, we have created a premium brand around the new manufacturer. Together with Sławek, we have solved many key challenges. Leveraging our skills and creativity, we developed a product distribution that stands out in the market. We devised a visual identity system that consistently promotes our values and communicates our aesthetics. Building trust and gaining a strong position contributed to the success of Smart Balie. 

We prepared a comprehensive catalog and a professional website, serving as effective informational and sales tools. Additionally, we successfully established and manage social media accounts, enabling us to build a strong online presence and engage with the community. 

We also implemented an efficient marketing funnel. A significant achievement was the creation of a request for a quotation handling system. With this system, Sławek can quickly and effectively respond to inquiries, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes. 

I definitely RECOMMEND, Smart Balie has been cooperating with Studio Chepri from the beginning. A wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive approach to marketing and online image.

Excellent understanding of my industry, flexibility and creativity. Logo design, website, online pricing configurator, product catalog, photography, social media management - everything is GREAT.

Our cooperation, which has lasted over a year, has resulted in numerous new clients. I am very satisfied and I recommend it again 😀

Slawomir Bednarz

Owner SmartBalie